• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
The 10 things I spend A LOT of money on as a millionaire Make a Lot of Money 2022 New App makealotofmoney

#The 10 things I spend A LOT of money on as a millionaire Make a Lot of Money 2022 New App #makealotofmoney

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I’m going to take you through my spending journey as a millionaire. We’ll talk about how I splurge and where I “waste” the most money in my monthly budget. Some of these will probably make a lot of sense, while some of them…might surprise you lol.

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  1. My Splurges: Vacations. Skateboards. Movies. Dining out. DIY Homebuilt PCs. That’s about it.

    Oh, and Chocolate Quick Milk and JIFF Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches! Gotta have it! 🤣😂🤣

  2. If you’re going to run with the pack, understand that you do not have a Rolex “watch”, you own a time piece, which in my case is an Omega time piece. 😉

  3. Such a good list of items, I had to drag my lazy ass onto my desktop to leave a comment. Firstly, your top 10 list mirrors my own the last few years. You make a lot of good points, the algorithm really nailed it when you got recommended a few months ago. I will say the watch thing, I GET IT, I use to sell mid range watches, not Rolex, but understand that they make sense as an investment as well, but its just too showy, personally. And I do really like the content, but when you said haircut, I was hoping you were going to announce you are stopping with whatever this current do is. 😀 Really liking the new content uploads.

  4. Great video!! thanks for all the awesome content! keep dropin those knowledge bombs💣here and over at BP! HUGE inspiration to me!

  5. Great video man, just listened to your bigger pockets episode, love the idea of having airbnbs where you’d like to travel once or twice a year!!

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